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Here's How Simon Helberg Reacted To A Fan Telling Him That 'Big Bang Theory' Sucked

Simon Helberg had a great time during his lengthy run as Howard Wolowitz on 'The Big Bang Theory'. Heck, the guy even stole a prop from the set on his final day.

Following the show, the actor took his career in a different direction, attempting other roles, and clearly

However, despite his fame on the sitcom, things were stressful for the actor, especially with the fans that didn't like ' Let's take a look at the unique way Helberg deal with the hate.

Simon Helberg Had A Blast During His Time On 'The Big Bang Theory'

The show ran for 12 seasons and during that time, the cast grew extremely close to one another. When asked about his favorite moment on the show, Helberg revealed that there were far too many, however, he did mention that juicy storylines alongside Melissa Rauch and meeting Stephen Hawking

"I don't have a quick answer for that," Helberg told "I guess the answer is, I don't have a favorite . The ones that come to mind and are, just some special ones like when Stephen Hawking came to set."

"I always really had a great time working with Melissa [Rauch]. Whenever we had some juicy storylines, like when she finds out that she's pregnant. I really enjoyed that," Helberg said.

The actor would further reveal that he was thrilled about not getting typecast because of the show. Although Helberg loved his time on the sitcom,

"You know, if you get to portray a character on television for over a decade, it obviously has a tremendous amount of upside. However, part of the reason I wanted to be an actor was to play a variety of characters. So I’m happy that I’m receiving more of those opportunities now.”

Helberg enjoyed great success on the sitcom, however, he quickly learned that not everyone was as into the series.

Simon Helberg Received A Lot Of Hate When 'The Big Bang Theory' Was On TV

Fans might be surprised to realize that the general outlook by the fans when meeting Helberg about was not good... The actor revealed that people would rant to him about the show frequently, especially early on. during her podcast,

"The introduction that people tend to make to me, particularly when the show was on, they would come up, and they would say, 'Listen, I hate your show.' That's the way they would start talking to me," Helberg said.

"Like, I mean every day. 'I can't stand your show man, but my…' and it would be fill in the blank, 'my uncle, my brother, my bus driver from high school, my rabbi, my dentist, my whatever' and I was sort of like, you are all of these people, aren't you? There is no other, you don't have… this is not about your ophthalmologist. You like the show. No, maybe you don't. But they come up, and I started getting very angry."

We can understand Helberg's frustrations, why come up and tell the guy that his show stinks? Nonetheless, despite not being pleased, the actor had the perfect way of handling the hate.

Simon Helberg Once Bought A 'TBBT' Hater A Coffee

Helberg had an interesting way of dealing with the negativity. Instead of piling on more negativity and blowing off the hater, he reacted in the opposite manner.

Simon claims that he would opt to buy a hater a coffee instead and at times, even a bagel...

"So, a guy comes up and goes, 'I can't stand it, but my roommate loves it so it's on in the background and anyway I read about your negotiations. Wanna buy me a cup of coffee?' And I was like 'Yeah, you had me at you hate my show. Would you like a bagel to go with that?"

In his work life, Helberg continues to keep active taking on serious roles. He appeared in the 2022 project alongside Dustin Hoffman, '. According to , he also has another film project in the works set for a 2022 release, '' which is currently in the post-production phase.

Clearly, the actor hasn't struggled to find work since the popular sitcom came to an end.

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