Sheldon Was Somehow More Repulsive In The Original Big Bang Theory Pilot

The original pilot of "The Big Bang Theory" featured a different version of Sheldon, who was more open with his sexuality and portrayed as sleazy. However, the creators decided to change this characterization and made Sheldon almost asexual in the series. They recognized that a sleazy Sheldon would be difficult to sell to the audience, considering his other oddities and traits. The character trait was dropped because it would have made Sheldon even more rude, misogynistic, and selfish, which could have decreased fans' tolerance for him. It's unclear how fans would have reacted to Sleazy Sheldon, but it's likely that he would have been criticized and seen as creepy. The show already received criticism for its brand of humor, and adding a sleazy element to Sheldon could have been another point of contention. Instead of making Sheldon sleazy, the creators introduced Howard as a replacement character with sleazy tendencies. However, they gradually transformed Howard into a better person through his relationship with Bernadette. This transformation was subtle and well-received by fans. Ultimately, it was the right decision to scrap Sle Sheldon and focus on developing the characters in a more positive direction.

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