The Big Bang Theory: 14 BTS Facts That Came Out Since The Show Ended!

The popular TV show "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT) had several interesting behind-the-scenes facts and moments that contributed to its success. One of the most iconic aspects of the show was Sheldon's catchphrase, "Bazinga!" which originated from writer Stephen Engel using it instead of "gotcha" and eventually making its way into the script.

The show was filmed in front of a live audience at Warner Bros. Studios, allowing fans to witness the cast and crew's work firsthand. Each scene took around 1-3 takes and filming lasted for about three hours. The audience members got to see sets being created and different takes by the actors, creating an engaging experience.

The TBBT scripts were subject to change even during filming. The dialogue, often centered around science and comics, was long-winded and complex. Changes were made on the day of filming, with speeches being altered in front of the live audience.

The TBBT set at Warner Bros. Studio has become legendary due to the show's lasting popularity. Fans can now visit the set and see iconic locations such as the broken elevator, Sheldon's bedroom, and Penny's apartment. The set holds sentimental value for the executive producer, Steve Holland, who finds comfort in knowing that people care about the show enough to visit.

The auditioning process for TBBT involved intense training for the actors. Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon, was initially nervous about presenting his character but received positive feedback from the casting directors. The main actors' salaries increased over time, with the show being renewed for three seasons at a time, twice, demonstrating its immense success.

Co-creator Chuck Lorre expressed concerns about the show getting canceled after the writers' strike in 2007. However, TBBT managed to maintain its fanbase despite changing time slots and continued successfully.

Sheldon, portrayed by Jim Parsons, was considered the nucleus of the friend group, and the show would not have worked without him. When Parsons decided to leave the series after 12 seasons, Lorre made the choice to end the show rather than continue without a major character.

Remembering lines was a challenge for the actors, especially with scientific jargon. Jim Parsons used note cards and wrote out his lines repeatedly to memorize them effectively.

Kevin Sussman, who played Stuart Bloom, improvised a line that changed his character's trajectory in the show. The writers loved the change and continued to develop Stuart's character from there.

Melissa Rauch, who portrayed Bernadette, had a significant life change when she got hired for TBBT. She had been struggling financially before landing the role and credits the show for transforming her life.

Jim Parsons did not focus on making Sheldon likable but instead embraced the character's eccentricities and occasional irritability. This approach added depth to Sheldon's personality and made him captivating to watch.

The broken elevator and constant use of the stairwell on the show were due to the elevator being permanently out of order. Kunal Nayyar, who played Raj, revealed that there was only one staircase on set, and scenes were rearranged to create the illusion of different floors.

Wil Wheaton's portrayal of himself on the show included a memorable improvised scene where he dressed up as Spock during a Star Wars movie release. The genuine and contagious laughter from the cast and crew made it a standout moment.

These behind-the-scenes facts and moments offer insights into the making of "The Big Bang Theory" and highlight the dedication, improvisation, and impact of the cast and crew.

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