George Wrongly Predicts His Big Bang Theory Future (& Makes It Sadder)

In the TV show "Young Sheldon," George Cooper's fate is already predetermined as revealed in "The Big Bang Theory George dies when Sheldon is 14 years old, making his recent comment on Young Sheldon season 6 episode 5 particularly poignant. In the episode, Missy asks if someone dying because of her parents' newfound romance, to which George confidently responds that no one is dying. However, this statement is false, as George himself will pass away in a few years. This makes his upcoming death even sadder, especially since Missy has a close bond with her father.

While Young Sheldon has been dancing around the plotline of George's death, it can no longer delay addressing it. According to The Big Bang Theory, George dies when the twins are 15 years old, and currently, Missy and Sheldon are about turn 13. This means that CBS has at most two years to prepare for this inevitable family tragedy. It is likely that George will survive the rest of Young Sheldon season 6, with his death potentially saved for season 7 or 8. In the meantime, the show may focus on George's cheating storyline, which serves as a precursor to his eventual demise.

Since the specifics of George's death were not revealed in The Big Bang Theory, CBS has creative freedom craft the scene in Young Sheldon. The show's departure from the traditional sitcom format allows for a darker and more mature exploration of this plotline. Previous seasons have addressed sensitive topics such as depression and unexpected pregnancy, indicating that Young Sheldon is capable of handling heavier storylines. When the time comes to address George's cheating and subsequent death, it is expected that the show will tackle it directly rather than avoiding it.

Before George's death, however, CBS needs to establish his cheating arc in Young Sheldon. Although things are currently going well for him and Mary as they rekindle their romance, their newfound affection is not meant to last. Eventually, George will have an affair with an unnamed woman, as Sheldon recalled in The Big Bang Theory.

Overall, Young Sheldon will eventually address George's death, and it is likely that the show will handle it in a straightforward manner, given its willingness to tackle mature storylines. While the specifics of George's demise remain unknown, the upcoming seasons will likely explore his cheating storyline before ultimately leading to his unexpected passing.

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