Young Sheldon boss exposes hidden meaning in Georgie and Mandy's baby name.

CBS' hit prequel series Young Sheldon made a dramatic return to screens as the family reunited to welcome Mandy McAllister (played by Emily Osment) and George 'Georgie' Cooper jr's (Montana Jordan) newborn, Constance. However, showrunner Steve Holland revealed the baby's name was actually a special tribute. 

Throughout season six, tensions have been boiling between George Cooper (Lance Barber) and his wife Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry). 

They were both unhappy in their marriages and they both had feelings for other people. 

The parents temporarily put their issues aside when they learned Mandy was finally in labour. 

Although Mary and George's resentment for each other later came to a blow, the Cooper family had a brief moment of happiness to welcome baby Constance into the world. 

Despite their initial choice of Alice, the new parents revealed their daughter would be called Constance. 

While the traditional name took viewers by surprise, executive producer Steve Holland shared the real reason behind the newborn's name.

He shared: "We tossed around a bunch, but Meemaw has done so much for Mandy since she got pregnant. 

"Georgie has, too, but Meemaw's really been the one who's been there for her, so it seemed like a really sweet nod to Meemaw," Steve told TVLine. 

Although she's often referred to as Meemaw (Annie Potts), Sheldon's (Iain Armitage) grandmother is named Constance 'Connie' Tucker. 

As well as helping Mary raise Sheldon, George and Missy (Raegan Revord), Meemaw also extended her assistance to Mandy. 

Alongside making her famed bowl of brisket, Meemaw also provided Mandy with reassurance, encouragement and care. 

While the family were overjoyed to welcome the new bundle of joy, Mary and George also had their long-awaited confrontation. 

Since the season four finale, George has had a slow-burning flirtationship with his next-door neighbour Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman). 

Their inappropriate interactions are setting up for the cheating scandal Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) often refers to in the original series, Big Bang Theory.

In fact, they're so close to the affair that George's daughter Missy even knows about their secret meet-ups. 

Although George and Mary are still married to each other, she has also turned a blind eye to her husband's antics because she too has a new love interest.

Early in season five, Pastor Jeff Difford (Matt Hobby) welcomed youth pastor Pastor Rob (Dan Bryd), who instantly formed a connection with Mary. 

After spending time together, they became friends but this soon turned into a mutual romantic attraction for each other. 

Although George and Mary have yet to have an affair, there's still a chance they could repair their marriage. 

However, as Missy is also aware of Mary's feelings for Pastor Rob, the truth could potentially come out. 

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