Kaley Cuoco Left Big Bang Theory Fans Speechless With Her Intense Workout Clip

Kaley Cuoco is putting in work at the gym. The Flight Attendant star's trainer, Ryan Sorenson, shared an epic video of the pair's latest session — which looked really intense. Kaley was fit and super strong in a tank, a pair of black leggings... and 17 different hairstyles.

"We got one speed 😤," Kaley's trainer wrote in the caption. It looks like the actress's workout included some jumping rope, medicine ball crunches and tons of weight lifting. Kaley showed her enthusiasm in the comments and poked fun at her hairstyle changes throughout the video.

"One speed and 17 different hairstyles 😂," she wrote. And of course, Kaley's fans hopped in the replies to show their support, too. "She is a machine 🙌🔥," one fan wrote. "No wonder she always looks amazing!" Another fan commented. In case you didn't know, Kaley had a baby in March, so this postpartum workout is worth some extra praise!

The actress loves hitting the gym with Ryan, and even did some pretty intense (and baby-safe) workouts while pregnant. She also loves yoga and SoulCycle on occasion. One thing to note about Kaley's workouts: she switches up her routine a lot.

"If I'm doing yoga, we're doing it every day this week... Then I'm like, 'Oh my god, I have to switch.' Then I'm going crazy on SoulCycle...'OK, I have to switch,'" she previously told Women's Health.

However, Kaley is much more ritualistic about how she fuels up. She always starts her mornings with coffee and peanut butter toast. The actress commits to this staple so hard that she even travels with a toaster, she previously told WH.

Later in the day, Kaley typically opts for tuna wraps, smoothies or Luna bars. And for dinner, the actress loves to nosh on grilled salmon with baked potatoes and veggies. It seems like Kaley puts her all into everything she does! Go off, queen!

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