The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Indirectly Exposes The Secret Behind Sheldon Cooper's Hate For Whistling While Roasting Rihanna For Not Knowing The Skill Being A Singer! - Watch

While we go gaga over Friends or The Office, there was another sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, which had created quite a stir among the audience. Starring Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar and others in pivotal roles, the series has a separate fanbase. However, it's Jim's Sheldon Cooper's role that will always remain iconic.

While talking about Sheldon, did you know he never liked whistling and once the actor of that character, Jim Parsons had subtly roasted Rihanna for not knowing the skill despite being an actor? Yes, that's right. Scroll down to watch the video clip.

Once, in a candid conversation between Jim Parsons and Rihanna, when Jim asked the popstar, "What skill or talent would you like to learn?" The singer responded saying, whistling. And immediately, Jim added, "I can't either." And being quite surprised, Rihanna further asked, "Really, you see…" and she continued saying something which then Jim interrupted, channelling his inner Sheldon Cooper and said while roasting her subtly, "I'm very surprised a musician can't." This left Rihanna shocked, and later, Jim can be seen apologising to her.

As soon as the video went viral, netizens started commenting. One wrote, "'I'm sorry' his soul already gave his body up."

Another one penned, "Jim just let the inner Sheldon win 😂😂😂"

One of them commented, "'I feel so much bett–WHAT' 💀💀 jim you almost had it."

Another comment can be read, "the fact he reacted exactly how his character "oh" would."

One such Big Bang Theory fanatic and a Jim Parsons fan wrote, "so that's why sheldon hates when other people whistle 😂"

For those who don't know, Jim Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper hates a lot of things and whistling is number one, and there was a 'no whistling' provision in the roommate agreement. So, now you know why Jim reacted and how he reacted on knowing about Rihanna.

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