Young Sheldon Has Wrongly Ignored 2 Major TBBT Cameos For 6 Years - But Season 7 Can Fix It

Young Sheldon, the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, has featured cameos from characters like Amy and Howard, but it has notably left out two important characters—Penny and Leonard. Despite their significance in Sheldon's life, there has been no mention of them in Young Sheldon so far. With the possibility of season 7 being the show's last, it is imperative that the Hofstadters make an appearance before it ends.

Sheldon's origins story was the initial focus of Young Sheldon, but the series has expanded to include other characters and their storylines. While this diversification is beneficial for the show's future, it shouldn't forget its titular character. Leonard and Penny have played crucial roles in Sheldon's adult life, and their inclusion in Young Sheldon would provide a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Young Sheldon has provided updates on the post-The Big Bang Theory lives of the Pasadena gang, including Sheldon and Amy having more children and Sheldon wearing his Nobel Prize medal daily. However, there has been no information about Penny and Leonard. The lack of any mention of them is concerning, as the prequel is supposedly Sheldon's attempt to work on his autobiography. If Young Sheldon ends without featuring the main couple from The Big Bang Theory, it could suggest a falling out between them and Sheldon.

Bringing Sheldon and Penny into Young Sheldon would not only benefit the prequel but also offer an opportunity to address the rushed pregnancy plotline in The Big Bang Theory. The Hofstadters' storyline regarding their differing views on having kids was divisive, and the finale did not adequately explore Penny's change of heart. By updating fans on how they are doing years later and showing that they are happy with their decision to have a child, Young Sheldon can help justify the rushed plotline from The Big Bang Theory's final season.

In conclusion, Young Sheldon should feature the Hofstadters to address the missing cameos from Penny and Leonard. This inclusion would not only give fans closure on their post-The Big Bang Theory lives but also provide a deeper understanding of Sheldon's relationship with them. Additionally, it would offer an opportunity to address the rushed pregnancy plotline and potentially reconcile any lingering concerns from The Big Bang Theory's finale.

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