Jennifer Aniston Reveals Adam Sandler's Man Advice: Insights Straight from the Source | E! News


Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that her co-star in the upcoming film "Murder Mystery," Adam Sandler, has been giving her advice on men. The actress shared her experience while promoting the film during a recent interview. Aniston admitted that she often turns to Sandler for his insights and opinions on dating and relationships.

Aniston expressed her admiration for Sandler's ability to understand men's perspectives, which she finds valuable in navigating the complexities of relationships. She emphasized that his advice has been helpful and has provided her with a different viewpoint. The actress also mentioned that Sandler has a great sense of humor and always knows how to make her laugh.


During the interview, Aniston laughed while recalling some of the humorous conversations she had with Sandler regarding the opposite sex. She highlighted the importance of having friends who can provide support and guidance in the dating world.

The Hollywood duo has previously worked together on several films and developed a close friendship during their collaborations. Aniston praised Sandler's professionalism and creativity, stating that he is one of the funniest people she knows.

"Murder Mystery" is a comedy-mystery movie that follows a couple (played by Aniston and Sandler) who become suspects in a murder investigation while on a European vacation. The film, directed by Kyle Newacheck, will be released on Netflix on June 14.

In conclusion, Jennifer Aniston credits her co-star Adam Sandler for giving her advice on men. She values his insights and praises him for his understanding of the male perspective. The actress appreciates his humor and finds his advice helpful in navigating the complexities of relationships.


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