Big Bang Theory Showed You Mary’s Frisky Side Way Before Young Sheldon

Mary's frisky side on Young Sheldon has been revealed, but The Big Bang Theory actually established this aspect of her character earlier. In Season 7, Episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory titled "The Mommy Observation," Sheldon discovers his mother's adventurous side when he catches her having sex with her new boyfriend, Ron, whom she met at a prayer meeting in Texas.

While Mary is known for her uptight personality and devout Christianity, this episode showcased her sensual and carefree nature. She and Ron engage in intimate activities in various locations around the house. This portrayal of Mary as someone who can be adventurous in bed was a departure from her usual persona and provided a fresh dimension to her character.

This established side of Mary contrasts with her depiction on Young Sheldon, where she is portrayed as an uptight and devoted Christian. However, incorporating this fun and looser version of Mary on Young Sheldon allows for a more fully fleshed-out character. It also opens up new narrative possibilities for the show, ensuring its sustainability in the long run.

Furthermore, the introduction of fun Mary in Young Sheldon adds emotional weight to a looming tragedy in the Cooper family. George's cheating and eventual death are set to happen in the next year or two. While Mary's newfound enjoyment of life and her efforts to reconnect with her husband have positively impacted their troubled marriage, it becomes all the more heartbreaking to see them finally fixing their relationship just before George's infidelity and impending demise.

The duration of fun Mary's character arc on Young Sheldon remains uncertain. The Big Bang Theory previously hinted that she would eventually revert to being judgmental and snooty. However, while this version of Mary is present, CBS should take advantage of the storytelling possibilities it brings. Additionally, this new personality could be the catalyst for Mary to develop a genuine connection with her daughter Missy, whom she often neglects due to her preference for Sheldon.

In conclusion, The Big Bang Theory showcased Mary's frisky side before Young Sheldon, providing a fresh and unexpected dimension to her character. This portrayal adds depth to her personality and allows for more engaging storytelling. However, the introduction of fun Mary also intensifies the emotional impact of George's cheating and eventual death in the Cooper family. It remains to be seen how long this version of Mary will last on Young Sheldon and how it will shape her relationships with other characters.

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