Breaking Bad & Spaceballs Crossover With 2 Iconic RV's In Art With Breaking Barf: The Movie


John Candy's "Spaceballs" character Barf has been reimagined as Walter White from "Breaking Bad" in a humorous crossover art. The late actor played the Chewbacca-inspired co-pilot in the 1987 Star Wars parody. While a "Spaceballs 2" sequel has been discussed, nothing has materialized. 

However, the original film remains popular and has inspired crossover art like "Breaking Barf," depicting Barf in Walter White's attire, driving the iconic RV from the movie.

 The connection between the two lies in their famous RVs. Mel Brooks directing a "Spaceballs 2" seems unlikely due to his age, and the challenge of capturing his comedic style.

 Similarly, a return to "Breaking Bad" also seems improbable, with key characters no longer available. Despite this, fan art crossovers between the two and their iconic RVs will continue to entertain fans.


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