Good Luck Charlie Season 5: Why The Disney Show Was Cancelled...

Here's why Good Luck Charlie came to an end. The brainchild of writing and producing duo Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, Good Luck Charlie aired on the Disney Channel for four successful seasons between 2010 and 2014. Baker and Vaupen's idea was to create a sitcom that would appeal to both the Disney Channel's younger demographic and their parents – something that had a more relatable and realistic premise than teen-skewing shows with far-fetched premises like Hannah Montana or Wizards Of Waverly Place.

Hence the focus of Good Luck Charlie was the Duncans – a relatively normal, middle-class family living in suburban Denver and trying to adapt after mom Amy (Will & Grace's Leigh-Allyn Baker) returns to work after the birth of her fourth child. Alongside Baker, the cast of Good Luck Charlie featured a host of familiar faces including Eric Allan Kramer of The Hughleys fame as dad Bob and Disney Channel regulars Bridget Mendler and Jason Dolley as the two oldest Duncan kids Teddy and PJ.

During its four-season run, the sitcom earned plenty of rave reviews and a host of accolades including winning Best TV Show at the British Academy Children's Awards two years in a row. Despite its successes – and a hit TV movie titled Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! that aired in 2011 – the Disney Channel decided to cancel the show after 97 episodes in 2014. Why did Good Luck Charlie end? Here's what we know.

Good Luck Charlie Was Probably A Victim Of Disney Channel Strategy

Anyone who has watched a Disney Channel show or two will know that even the most successful series have a limited shelf life and tend to come to an end after they've aired somewhere between 65 and 100 episodes. It's a strategy the Disney Channel reportedly employs for several reasons. Firstly, a limited number of episodes are more appealing when offering up shows to other networks for syndication. Secondly, both Disney Channel stars and viewers tend to age out of the network's demographic pretty quickly, meaning it's more profitable to invest in new shows that appeal to new viewers. Unfortunately, this strategy was likely the reason Good Luck Charlie didn't get a fifth season.

Good Luck Charlie Fans Want A Revival

In the years since Good Luck Charlie came to an end, fans of the show have called for a revival in the form of a spin-off or reboot, possibly focusing on one of the younger siblings in the Duncan family. With That's So Raven spinoff Raven's Home going into its fourth season and a Lizzie McGuire sequel series in the works, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility but unfortunately, there's been no news from the Disney Channel about a Good Luck Charlie revival.

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