Law & Order Season Finale Crossover Event Ending Explained: Olivia Benson’s Fate!

The True Impact Of Law & Order's Crossover Event Villain

Benson's injury wasn't the only extent of Wilkie's aggression, but may have been a teasing precursor to the true hell the crossover event's villain would unleash on Law & Order's cast of characters. Even before Benson was shot, Wilkie was held accountable for the countless rapes and murders conducted on victims through Shadowërk. But further to the point, an Organized Crime detective was also shot during the Shadowërk investigation, and in this case, by the desperate psychopath himself.

Organized Crime's Detective Jamie Whelan (Brent Antonello) was one of the officers responding to Wilkie's attempt to escape and was shot in the crossfire between Wilkie and the pursuing envoy. The stray bullet caught him in the neck, almost instantly paralyzing him. With medical assistance diverted to Wilkie (who stabbed himself to protect the integrity of his crime-for-hire website instead of being taken in for questioning), it looked like Whelan would succumb to his wound and fall victim to Wilkie like the many before him.

Jamie Whelan's Death In Law & Order: Organized Crime's Season 3's Ending Explained

Astonishingly, Whelan did not submit to the bullet that struck him; however, he was deeply aggrieved by the diagnosis of his paralysis. The extent of paralysis for Whelan meant that he could never live his life the same, especially as an NYPD detective. In a truly heartbreaking Law & Order moment, Whelan begged his Organized Crime partner, Detective Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez), to unhook him from the machine utilized to keep his body alive and functioning.

When Reyes refused and left Whelan in the company of his father, viewers could only assume that he would ask the same of his dad. The crossover season finale event featured a few instances that expressed the dynamic between a parent and their child, particularly when Wilkie's mother struggled to turn him in out of love, and it looked like Organized Crime would continue the trend with the Whelans. After news of Jamie Whelan's tragic passing reaches the remaining OCCB team members, Law & Order confirmed that Whelan was killed by the loving mercy of his father.

What To Expect From Law & Order: Organized Crime And Law & Order: SVU

Many questions still remain at the conclusion of Law & Order's season finale crossover event. Both the Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized crime teams will definitively face change within the future of their precincts - Organized Crime will need to mourn the death of one of their very own, while SVU will require a shift in the makeup of their team as a result of Detective Muncy's surprising transfer. To some good fortune, Law & Order: Organized Crime and Law & Order: SVU have been renewed for additional seasons, but both procedural dramas will be expected to answer the hard questions that emerged in the crossover season finale event.

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