NCIS Hawaii fans 'stop watching' as spin-off renewed for full series..

The brand new NCIS series will join fellow spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles with a full season order from CBS. As the three specialist teams continue solving high-stakes cases on Sundays and Mondays, fans on Twitter have blasted the network's decision to continue the fourth entry to the franchise. 

Several viewers took to Twitter to question CBS's decision to carry NCIS: Hawaii forward into 2022.

The new spin-off has replaced NCIS: New Orleans, which was cancelled after just seven seasons last year.

NCIS: Hawaii moves the action to the North Pacific and stars Vanessa Lachey as Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant. 

On Monday, Lachey along with co-stars Alex Tennant and Noah Mills took to YouTube with a behind-the-scenes video celebrating the good newsMany Twitter users posted disappointed comments when NCIS: Hawaii and Lachey's official accounts posted the latest update. 

User REM51 replied: "I have loved all the NCIS shows, but not this one. Too much like Hawaii Five O."

To which Janmarie added: "But with very poor acting……in my opinion!"

NCIS: Hawaii also stars Yasmine Al-bustami and Jason Antoon as Agent Tara and cyber expert Ernie Malik, respectively.

Sadly, it seems the new team hasn't quite won the hearts of NCIS' legion of fans just yet. 

Each episode is still raking in millions of viewers, though its popularity hasn't quite skyrocketed to the extent of the original shows.

Hopefully as the full season continues alongside the flagship series and NCIS: Los Angeles the CBS drama can pick up enough steam to warrant a second season. 

However, a viewer with the username penguin's requiem wasn't convinced, as they tweeted: "Head shaker. It is a weak show."

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