Can NCIS survive Michael Weatherly's exit? Scottie Thompson gives her verdict

NCIS' Scottie Thompson says she has 'no idea' what will happen to the long-running show now one of its integral cast members has left.

Michael Weatherly announced earlier this year that season 13 would be his last, and is to star in new CBS show Bull in the lead role.

Thompson , who played the daughter of arms dealer Rene Benoit and the love interest of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo - played by Michael Weatherly - said she was interested to see how it plays out.

Appearing at MCM London Comic Con , the Mirror asked if Weatherly's exit would affect the show's popularity, and if it could continue without him.

The star, who is currently appearing in SyFy UK series 12 Monkeys, told the Mirror: "He is such a big part of it - I have no idea, I'll be curious to see how it goes forward.

"But you look at how many fans there are for the spin-offs, and how much people love those, and so whatever it is about the structure of this kind of show is really appealing to people.

"So I hope for the sake of NCIS that it continues to have success."

Thompson added: "But it will be interesting, because he is such a huge figure in the show, such an entertaining character that brings a lot of the comedy - so if they can bring another person in who has that sort of charisma that he had, I think it will help.

"But 13 years is a long time to be running, it'll be interesting to see what happens with this - I'll be sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching eagerly to see how it goes down.

"But the rest of the cast is all so amazing, and they're all going to continue rocking it."

When asked about her view on the new cast, Thompson responded: "Everyone has their favourite, so you might lose a few DiNozzo heartthrobs, but hopefully they'll bring in new energy."

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