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Jim Parsons Really DOES Ballet To Memorize His Lines For Sheldon In 'Big Bang Theory'

'The Big Bang Theory' had some tremendous moments both on and off-screen. In truth, a lot of the moments on the show were unscripted, and that included Leonard laughing for real during certain takes.

The show also , like the special meaning behind certain numbers on the show.

Another topic that is often discussed is how Jim Parsons was able to memorize his difficult lines as Sheldon. As one might expect, he had a unique approach.

Did Jim Parsons Really To Ballet To Memorize His Lines?

There truly isn't anyone else we can imagine portraying the role of Sheldon on ''. In fact, his audition for the role was so perfect that he nearly lost the role, as Chuck Lorre wasn't sure Parsons could have kept consistent with his portrayal.

Although he performed flawlessly, it really wasn't exactly easy. Jim made mention that , while being mindful of Sheldon's emotions and how the information was shared.

"That been the most challenging,” he told me. “I don’t mean it’s been backbreaking, because I tend to enjoy memorizing lines. My mother and sister are teachers, so I have a big scholastic streak in me. I enjoy studying when I like the topic, and I enjoy reading lines, and I enjoy making flashcards and looking up words to make sure I understand them and how to pronounce them. Talk about geeky! But at the same time, there are complications from topics I don’t understand at first glance, and trying to make emotional connections to the conversation in which Sheldon is throwing these terms around. To make an emotional point, he’ll use these… words," he told

As one can imagine, Parsons needed a unique approach to memorize his lines and surprisingly, it involved ballet.

Jim Parsons Used Ballet And Cards To Memorize His Lines

According to Parsons, a lot of the memorizing was done scene by scene. In truth, looking back, he likely doesn't remember a majority of them. Alongside Mayim Bialik, Parsons revealed his unique approach to memorizing lines. "During the week I make flash cards. Then I walk around my house and I drill them like a sort of ballet dance or learning moves because largely I don't understand what I'm talking about, and so I need the muscle memory in my mouth because when I do think about it, A) the right words won't occur to me and B) they will just be wrong."

He shared his process in the video below.

, claiming that the computer is also very helpful.

"I walk around with my note cards for each scene and do one scene at a time. And I’ll go to my computer, and I’ll type the whole scene out on my word doc and then I’ll go back and I’ll do the second scene, and I’ll type the whole scene out on a word doc. It’s maddening."

Unsurprisingly, fans have an opinion on how Parsons manages to memorize his difficult lines.

What Did The Fans Think Of Jim Parsons' Approach?

Of course, fans had a lot to say about the actor's process. For the most part, although he doesn't quite understand his line, fans were praising the actor for his method. Here's what they had to say.

"In some weird way, if Parsons has no idea what he's talking about, but yet still able to remember these lines it may be possible for him to be a genius, because scientific definitions are easily remembered through understanding. Yet hes remembering them without any prerequisite knowledge ... very talented."

"It's interesting how not being aware of what the lines mean gives Parsons an edge- it automatically lends a robotic tone that I think the creators were looking for."

"Wow. Parsons process is very interesting. That would take some discipline."

However, , "He'll remember the rules for Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock forever. That took some effort to remember."

Although Parsons had a different approach, we can all agree it worked out.

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