20 Things That Make No Sense About Outlander


None of these problems take away from Jamie and Claire's love story, or the richness of the characters themselves, though. Nothing can stop invested fans from appreciating this exciting show as it dares to step outside the set and venture into real-world landscapes and voyages. But, we still have to look at it with a keen eye, and there are definitely enough inaccuracies and unusual choices to pinpoint. Hopefully, all will be revealed in the end. The show hasn't caught up with the books, and the series of novels itself is not yet finished. Even so, it seems nothing can erase or rectify a few of the following mistakes, but maybe, you can make sense of some of these, so if you have any likely answers, be sure to let us know! Here are


20 Things That Make No Sense About Outlander:

20. Jamie and Claire cherrypick their changes to history

19. There's no butterfly effect

18. Claire never makes sure Jamie is really gone

17. Claire meets Geillis multiple times, but hardly any other time travelers

14. Jamie married Laoghaire, but she threatened Claire's life

15. Claire is prepared to leave her daughter for good

14. Murtagh accepts the explanation about Claire's time travel

13. We never see most of the original cast after Culloden

12. Claire and Jamie find themselves in riches during their travels

11. No one questions Claire's modern surgical skills

10. Roger leaves Brianna alone in a different century

9. Claire saves many lives, but it doesn't alter the future

8. Frank and Claire's relationship

7. The unclear rules of time travel

6. Jamie and Claire didn't use Claire's knowledge to avoid Culloden

5. Jamie doesn't defeat Jack Randall at the earliest opportunity

4. Claire's short temper doesn't typically get her in trouble

3. Jamie doesn't ask about what the future is like

2. The Druids weren't a key part of the story after all

1. Jamie's survival rate


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