“The pregnancy shocked me”: Kaley Cuoco and Her Co-star Did Not Like The Big Bang Theory Ending at First

The Big Bang Theory definitely was a binge-watcher of the 2000s. With their highly relatable situational humor and the storyline based on the prevailing time modern lifestyle, the series became an instant hit. People from all over the world appreciated the sitcom and hailed Sheldon Cooper, a.k.a Jim Parsons. However, given a little context backstage, somehow, the actors like Kaley Cuoco didn't quite appreciate the way the show ended. 

Although Jim Parsons was "deeply satisfied" with the way the show wrapped up, his co-star Kaley Cuoco was taken aback by the absurd ending. Hoping for the show to run longer, Cuoco was initially shocked by Parsons' exit and was further shocked to learn about the ending of the show. Not just Cuoco, even Johnny Galecki admitted to being confused by the choice of ending. 

The Big Bang Theory: Last Minute Change Of Plan

The Big Bang Theory was considered one of the best sitcoms of the 2000s. The unity of the main cast, and the spellbinding storyline, impressed the audience and kept them hooked to the screen. However, it is not a surprise that the audiences were disappointed with the ending of the show, since, even the actors were confused. The entire chaos started when Jim Parsons decided to exit the show, midway. In a hurry, the show-makers flipped the script and gave a haphazard ending. 

Kaley Cuoco, who played the role of Penny in the sitcom was the one who was the most surprised by Parsons' decision. Upon learning later, about the flipped script of the show, she confessed to being utterly confused. The final moment of the show was to give the characters a happy ending, however, the conclusion became uncertain. Chuck Lorre had a different plan for the ending, however, he appreciated the last-minute change provided by Steve Holland which played out well. 

Kaley Cuoco Wasn't Optimistic About The Ending 

According to Chuck Lorre, the ending credits go to Steven Holland and the writing team, since they came up with an emotional ending. Lorre stated, "They proposed a finale that was centered on emotional closure in the characters' lives, in their relationships and them growing as individuals and in their lives expanding." However, the shocking part is, even though the show-makers made peace with the ending, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were taken aback. 

Even Jim Parsons had only praise for the show and their way of ending it upon short notice. But Cuoco couldn't make peace with her confusion. As per the show-makers, Penny and Leonard weren't supposed to have children as was hinted throughout the show. However, in an attempt to give a happy and emotional ending, the show-makers introduced Penny's pregnancy revelation. "The pregnancy shocked me. I didn't get it at first. Molaro and I talked about them maybe not [being pregnant]" Johnny Galecki revealed. 

Eventually, Cuoco and Galecki had to make peace with the storyline and come to terms with the absurd ending. Even the writers tried ensuring continuity by bringing up Leonard's words from the pilot episode where he mentioned having Penny's kids one day. Ultimately, despite the differences and the last-minute changes, the show became a hit and received an 81% RT rating. 

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