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Big Bang Theory Star Kevin Sussman Won’t Forgive How The Show Mistreated Stuart, Regrets His Love-Life Being Turned into a Joke

Kevin Sussman, one of the fan-favorite stars in Hollywood is known for his character of Stuart Bloom in He is one of the sadistic personalities in the series which fans really pitied however his role was much appreciated in the show. From being a guest appearance in season two to being a regular at the start of season six, he made a special place in fans’ hearts. However, he too had his share of regrets that the actor shared when he was a part of the famous sitcom. 

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The 52-year-old actor opened up about his role at the , sharing his biggest regret of not giving a proper romantic life to his character in .

Kevin Sussman Opens Up About Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory

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The actor-comedian, has left an amazing impression on the fans through his character of Stuart Bloom in . He opened up about his character being mistreated in the show due to the unsuccessful love life he lived during the time.

From being an outsider who is a narcissist to his jokes making everyone laugh, he is the owner of a comic book store which is a usual hangout place for the main characters, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper. His character had a crush on Debbie Wolowitz. Even though the series offered a brief romance of the duo, his life love ended after a while.

He did try to indulge in several relationships however they never went positive. Every time he tried, the result was always the same. His character did get an ounce of happiness when he got together with Denise but guess what, it’s the series end!

Opening about being unable to develop that relationship on screen, he shared,

“I don’t think the writers knew until the final season that it was going to be the final season. My character had just gotten a girlfriend so I was excited to see what was going to happen with that storyline.”

The CBS show ran for 12 seasons having broadcasted 279 episodes, however, Stuart’s love life never got a proper kickstart.

Kevin Sussman Opens About His Experience at The Big Bang Theory

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Even though the actor had shared his problem in , he still has nothing but praise for the American sitcom. The actor shared his experience on the show stating in an interview with ,

“That’s been fun. To play a character that develops over time and just like, all these different circumstances and all this stuff I’ve had to do.”

He went on to add,

“It’s been overall an amazing and positive experience, working with everybody on the show. Everybody is really close and tight-knit.”

Sussman continued that his bonding with the cast of the show has made his time great, adding that they were very supportive.

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