Feline Adventure Buddy: Doggo's Hiking Companion | Heartwarming Moments with Animals


In a heartwarming display of friendship and companionship, a dog named Furry has been letting his cat brother, Momo, ride on his back during hikes. This adorable duo has become quite popular on social media, with their adventures being shared by their owner, 28-year-old Shivon Lavallee.

Lavallee discovered Furry, a golden retriever, as a puppy while she was working as a dog musher in Alaska. She then adopted Momo, a Bengal cat, and the two quickly became inseparable. Lavallee noticed that Furry would often carry Momo in his mouth, so she decided to try having Momo ride on Furry's back during hikes.


To Lavallee's surprise, Furry didn't mind at all and even seemed to enjoy having Momo on his back. The cat, on the other hand, seemed comfortable and happy to be carried around. Now, whenever Lavallee takes her pets for a hike, Momo jumps onto Furry's back, and the duo sets off on their adventure together.

Not only does Furry allow Momo to ride on him, but he also assists his feline friend in crossing difficult terrain. Lavallee has shared heartwarming photos and videos of the duo's hiking trips on Instagram, capturing the camaraderie and love between them.

The bond between Furry and Momo showcases the strong connection that can exist between different species. Their adorable and unconventional hiking partnership serves as a reminder that true friendships can transcend boundaries and bring joy and companionship into our lives.


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