The Big Bang Theory Would've Ended Completely Differently Had It Finished During Season 11

The Big Bang Theory would have ended completely differently if it had finished during Season 11. Showrunner Steve Molaro revealed that the original plan was to end the show with Sheldon and Amy's wedding. However, he expressed gratitude that the sitcom got an extra season to expand on the finale.

The cast had mixed reactions to the final episode. Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon, was deeply satisfied with how the show ended. He acknowledged that the characters had changed over time, and he enjoyed seeing their growth. On the other hand, Johnny Galecki, who portrayed Leonard, was initially confused by Penny's pregnancy announcement. The storyline contradicted hints dropped throughout the series that they wouldn't have children.

Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show, admitted that there were several different endings considered for the finale. He credited the writing team, particularly showrunner Steve Holland, for proposing an ending centered on emotional closure and character growth. They wanted to keep the finale open-ended, allowing the' lives and friendships to continue beyond the show's conclusion.

The strategy behind the finale was to make fans happy without being overly sentimental. The goal was to provide a sense of security between the characters while leaving room for their stories to evolve. The show aimed to avoid a heavy, plot-driven finale and instead focus on the characters' ongoing journeys.

In retrospect, Molaro expressed relief that the show continued for an extra season. If it had ended during Season 11, the finale would have been Sheldon and Amy's wedding. However, he acknowledged that there were natural stopping points throughout the show's run that could have served as potential endings.

As for the future of The Big Bang Theory, it remains uncertain whether there will a complete end or a possible reboot down the road.

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