Get the tissues ready!Benson Got Shot and [Spoiler] Died in the Law & Order: Organized Crime Finale

In the Season 3 finale of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Benson and Stabler uncover the identity of the person behind the revenge-for-hire website, Shadowërk. They discover that Kyle, a young man living in his mother's attic, is the mastermind behind the site. Disappointed with the state of the world, Kyle started the website as a means of seeking validation and control.

In a series of events, Benson and Stabler become targets of a hit placed by Kyle. They lay low but are confronted by an armed gunman in a diner. During the chaos, Benson gets shot in the hip while attempting to defend herself and Stabler. Despite her injury, Benson manages to guide Stabler's aim to take down the assailant. It is later confirmed that the shooter was hired through Shadowërk.

The detectives interrogate Linda, an employee connected to Kyle, who initially refuses to reveal his whereabouts. With compassion and understanding, Rollins convinces Linda to disclose Kyle's location by showing her his suicide note and highlighting his troubling compulsions. The SVU and OCCB then head to Kyle's hideout, a remote cabin in the woods.

At the cabin, the detectives hear a gunshot and rush toward the sound. Reyes and Whelan, OCCB detectives, confront Kyle, leading to a confrontation where Whelan gets shot in the neck. As Reyes tends to his fallen partner, Kyle attempts to commit suicide with a katana, reciting the historic Japanese practice of Hyakunin Giri. The OCCB realizes that Kyle must be kept alive to take down the website.

In a heartbreaking decision, Whelan chooses to prioritize medical assistance for Kyle over his own injuries, leaving Reyes devastated. The OCCB's goal now is to ensure Kyle survives to dismantle Shadowërk. The episode ends with the realization that although they have stopped Kyle, the battle against online criminal activity continues.

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