4 Things You Only Notice Once You Start Rewatching NCIS!!


1. Nearly every episode of NCIS opens up with a black and white flash-forward showcasing the end of that segment, ever since the fourth episode of season 2 had one.

These short clips are widely referred to as “phoofs” because of the sound played when they appear.

2. Four actresses have played Gibb’s daughter in the flashbacks.

In Seasons 3 and 4, Mary Mouser first played Kelly. 


Then, Brenna Radding played her in Season 5 while Sam Schuder took over the role in Season 9. Finally, in Season 13, Mila Brener played the role, which was eventually Kelly’s final appearance on the show.

3. Gibb’s special meetings in the elevator. One of the recurring events on “NCIS” has been Gibbs’s unique method of conducting his version of a private meeting.

In times of crisis or when he feels the need for consultation of a team member, Gibbs is perfectly comfortable getting on the elevator and pressing the emergency switch.


He makes it his conference room.

4. The decade-old “Most Wanted” list. One of the central features of the “NCIS” squad room is the wall of “Most Wanted” pictures.

These posters have been a staple since the pilot episode and, after so many years, one has to wonder whether or not these characters are good at what they do.


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