Michael Weatherly Felt Mark Harmon Will Never Leave NCIS: ‘He is the Show Itself’


## The Unforeseen Departure of Mark Harmon from NCIS

The departure of Mark Harmon from the hit show NCIS came as a shocking surprise to fans all over the world, especially to his co-star Michael Weatherly, who had always believed that Harmon's character, Leroy Gibbs, was irreplaceable. Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on the show, found it particularly challenging to come to terms with the fact that Harmon would be leaving the series after so many successful seasons.

## Michael Weatherly's Shock at Mark Harmon's Exit

Michael Weatherly was taken aback by the announcement of Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS.


Despite occasional speculations about Harmon's possible exit, Weatherly, like many others, never thought that Gibbs would actually be written off the show. Weatherly emphasized the importance of Harmon's presence, referring to him as the backbone of the series. In a subsequent interview, Weatherly acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the show but expressed disbelief at the idea of Gibbs leaving for good, especially since Harmon was also an executive producer on NCIS: New Orleans.

## Mark Harmon's Modest View of His Role on NCIS

Contrary to what many might believe, Mark Harmon, the lead star of NCIS, does not perceive himself as the dominant figure on the show.


Harmon humbly shares the credit for the series' success with the dedicated cast and crew, emphasizing the collaborative effort that has been ongoing since the show first aired in 2003. He modestly downplays his own contribution by stating, "I'm not the big dog... I might be a dog. But there's a lot of dogs." Harmon's humility and acknowledgment of the team's efforts add a layer of depth to the show's longstanding popularity.

## Harmon's Post-Exit Role as Executive Producer

Even after bidding farewell to his character Gibbs, Mark Harmon did not sever ties with NCIS completely. He continued to serve as an executive producer on the show, though in a more distant capacity.


In an interview with Parade, Harmon revealed the challenges of transitioning from being on set every day to overseeing production from behind the scenes. He expressed confidence in the team's ability to adapt to the changes and maintain the show's momentum, despite his reduced level of involvement. Harmon's continued support as a producer reassured fans that his influence on NCIS would endure, even in his absence.


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