Chris Meloni Hilariously Responds to a Fan's 'Law & Order: SVU'-themed Wedding Invitation


Actor  surprised one "Law & Order" fan by responding to her request on Twitter that he attend her wedding.

The actor, 61, who has played  on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and most recently on the spinoff, "Law & Order: Organized Crime" was clearly having some fun with the request, which featured the names John and Kelly in the show's signature all-caps font.

"Chris please come to my wedding" the poster, Kelly Heenan, wrote on Friday, adding an accompanying photo of her unique wedding invite. The invitation was posted after 


" with him, leading to a slew of responses.

"And do what?" , setting off a slew of replies from fans with suggestions.

"Serve hors D’oeuvers? The guests will be 'that guy looks just like stabler' all night. Could be fun and you’ll have all the crab cakes you could desire," suggested one commenter.

"Intriguing," Meloni replied to the suggestion.

"Arrest her, I imagine," tweeted another commenter.

"Solve a murder," wrote another person.

"Kiss the bride," suggested another person, no doubt referring to the actor's 


 as of late.

The original poster, Kelly Heenan, added a photo of the other side of the invite in reply to Meloni, which continues the "Law & Order" theme.

"In our social system, the wedding of two people in love is considered especially joyous," the invite reads, mimicking the long-running series' opener.

More fans ran with the idea of Meloni actually showing up at the couple's nuptials with more creative ideas.

“Just stand like this for a few hours,” wrote one poster next to a photo of Meloni squatting.


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