15 Lesser-Known Prison Break Revelations That Will Leave You Astonished


"30 Facts You Didn't Know About Prison Break" is an article that highlights interesting and lesser-known facts about the popular TV show. The show, which aired from 2005 to 2017, follows the story of Michael Scofield as he attempts to help his brother escape from prison.

The article begins by mentioning that the show was originally only intended to last for one season but gained such a massive following that it continued for four more seasons. It goes on to reveal that the creators of the show, Paul Scheuring and Brett Ratner, actually pitched the idea as a feature film before developing it into a TV series.


The article also reveals details about the casting process, stating that Wentworth Miller, who played the protagonist Michael Scofield, was actually auditioning for the role of his brother, Lincoln Burrows. Additionally, it highlights that the cast underwent extensive training to learn how to convincingly portray inmates and that some of them even spent time in actual prison cells to get a feel for the environment.

Furthermore, the article provides insights into the challenges faced during production, such as the difficulties of filming in real prisons and the constant rewriting of scripts to accommodate for unexpected plot changes.

In conclusion, "30 Facts You Didn't Know About Prison Break" sheds light on various lesser-known aspects of the popular TV show. From its unexpected longevity to the behind-the-scenes challenges faced by the cast and crew, these facts offer a fascinating glimpse into the making of the series.


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