Man Calls 911 Over Cold Fries, Police Make Him ‘Eat Pavement’


A man in North Carolina dialed 911 to complain about his cold fries, but instead of receiving sympathy, he was forcefully detained by the police. The incident occurred when the man became increasingly agitated while waiting for his fast food order. Frustrated with the temperature of his fries, he decided to call emergency services to report his grievance.

The 911 operator transferred the call to the police, who arrived at the scene to find the man in his car. The situation escalated quickly, with the officers demanding that the man exit his vehicle. When he hesitated, they forcibly removed him, causing injuries in the process. One officer reportedly told the man to "eat pavement", a slang term that means to submit to authority and lie face-down on the ground.


The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many questioning the disproportionate response by the police over a minor complaint. The police department stated that they are conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

This incident highlights ongoing concerns about police brutality and the militarized response of law enforcement. Critics argue that the police should be trained to de-escalate situations rather than resorting to physical force for minor infractions. The incident also raises questions about the appropriate use of emergency services. While it is important to report emergencies, frivolous calls take up valuable time and resources, potentially diverting attention from genuine emergencies.

In conclusion, a man's complaint about cold fries led to a confrontation with the police, resulting in his forceful detention. The incident has drawn attention to issues of police brutality, the role of law enforcement, and the appropriate use of emergency services.


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