Inside Line: Scoop on Stargirl, Titans, The Cleaning Lady, New Amsterdam, Criminal Minds, Sex Lives and More!


Stargirl's Season 3 finale is approaching, and fans are wondering if Cameron will find out what happened to his friend and art teacher, Mr. Paul Deisinger. Good news - in this week's episode, the community will learn about Mr. Deisinger's fate, and he will receive the recognition he deserves.

New Amsterdam's series finale promises lots of twists and turns, reveals, and reversals. Showrunner David Schulner teases that viewers won't know where it lands until the very final moment. Actor Jocko Sims reveals that fans will learn more about the characters' pasts and the ending will be hopeful and continue the show's theme of "How can I help?"


Fans of Sex Lives of College Girls will be happy to know that Alicia, played by Midori Francis, will appear in the second season. Alicia and Leighton will be seen together again in some capacity, showcasing Leighton's personal growth.

The Cleaning Lady's two-episode season finale will surprise viewers with a high body count. Showrunner Melissa Carter warns that no one and nothing is safe in this world.

In Titans Episode 6, Kory will learn that Dick had a vision identical to hers, sparking a difficult conversation between them.

The Hulu docuseries Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne has been delayed and is now expected to release in 2023.


There is no confirmation yet on Lina Esco's return to S.W.A.T., but there is potential for cameo appearances.

The statuses of Nickelodeon's It's Pony and Middlemost Post are still undecided.

Shantel VanSanten's FBI character will continue to recur, appearing in the Dec. 13 episode.

Lucy, played by Arielle Kebbel, may or may not return to 9-1-1 in the upcoming season. The show's executive producer is still figuring out the back half of the season.

FX's Retreat, Dark Winds Season 2, and Invitation to a Bonfire are all still in production, with premiere dates to be determined.

Criminal Minds: Evolution will feature a very intense, high-horror episode directed by Aisha Tyler. It will include classic horror elements as well as emotional moments.


DC's Stargirl has a chilling cold open in this week's episode and an even more chilling ending.

In Gossip Girl Season 2, Obie's mother, Helena Bergmann, will return, but the reunion between mother and son will be awkward and tense.

Blindspotting is set to return in 2023, but there is no news on when Run the World's second season will premiere.


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