Young Sheldon's Veronica Is Georgie's Ex-Wife In TBBT - Theory Explained.

In Young Sheldon, the character Veronica (played by Isabel May) made her debut in Season 2 and had her final appearance in Season 3. However, no explanation has been given regarding what happened to Veronica on Young Sheldon. This leaves open the possibility that she could still exist in the show but hasn't been featured again.

There is a popular theory that Veronica could end up being Georgie's (played by Montana Jordan) ex-wife in The Big Bang Theory. In TBBT, it is revealed that Georgie gets married at a young age, and if this theory holds true, Veronica could be the woman he marries. This would add depth to Young Sheldon as it would explore their doomed relationship and provide insight into why their marriage fails.

However, it is also revealed in TBBT that Georgie divorces his first wife and later marries another unnamed woman. So, even if Veronica does return to Young Sheldon and marries Georgie, it seems unlikely that they will end up together in the long run.

If Veronica is not Georgie's ex-wife, the next possible option could be Mandy (played by Emily Osment), who is currently in a relationship with Georgie and has recently given birth to their daughter. The Season 6 finale of Young Sheldon hinted at Georgie proposing to Mandy, suggesting that she could be his first wife described in TBBT.

Overall, while viewers are left wondering about Veronica's fate on Young Sheldon, the series has the opportunity to fill plot holes and narrative gaps regarding Georgie's personal arc and relationships. Whether it's Veronica or Mandy, exploring Georgie's love life adds depth to the show and provides further insight into the character's journey within the franchise.

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