'NCIS' Star Rocky Carroll Celebrates 450th Episode Milestone and Teases Epic Comebacks

NCIS, one of the longest-running TV shows in history, is set to celebrate a major milestone with its 450th episode this season. Rocky Carroll, who plays the role of Leon Vance, recently shared his thoughts on the achievement in an interview with TV Insider. Carroll stated that reaching 450 episodes is "surreal" and a testament to the show's loyal fan base and the dedication of everyone involved.

When asked about the 450th episode, Carroll remained tight-lipped about the details but shared a memorable moment from the day of shooting. He recalled how during their 200th episode, Michael Weatherly (who played Agent DiNozzo) jokingly proclaimed that they were halfway to 400. Little did they know that they would eventually celebrate reaching 450 episodes. Carroll described the experience as surreal and a testament to everyone's hard work.

The interview also touched on the possibility of seeing familiar faces from the show's past return in upcoming episodes. Carroll expressed his hope of having former cast members, such as Cote de Pablo (who played Ziva) and Michael Weatherly, make guest appearances. He emphasized that even if they didn't return as regular cast members, fans would love to see them again, even for just one episode.

Reflecting on the show's longevity, Carroll expressed his amazement at NCIS reaching its 20th season. He acknowledged that it is rare for any Hollywood career, let alone a television series, to last for two decades. He attributed the show's success to its ability to adapt to changing television landscapes and connect with audiences, even in the era of streaming services.

Carroll also discussed his character, Leon Vance, whom he has portrayed since joining the show in its fifth season. He shared his gratitude for being part of such a successful series and being trusted with the role. He also mentioned the unique opportunity he has had to learn a new language by becoming a director on the show.

The interview concluded with Carroll expressing his excitement for milestone episodes and acknowledging the show's incredible achievement of reaching 450 episodes. He noted that while there isn't often time to celebrate amidst the high-volume production schedule, milestones like these offer a chance to reflect on their accomplishments as a team.

In summary, NCIS is set to celebrate its 450th episode this season, a milestone that few TV shows ever reach. Rocky Carroll, who plays Leon Vance, shared his thoughts on the achievement, expressing his gratitude to the show's loyal fan base and the dedication of everyone involved. He also discussed the possibility of seeing familiar faces return and reflected on the show's longevity and success. Overall, the interview highlighted the significance of reaching such a milestone in the ever-changing world of television.

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