Kaley Cuoco's 20% Rotten Tomatoes Rating For Her Latest Film Surprisingly Isn't The Lowest Of Her Film Career


Kaley Cuoco's net worth has reached $110 million since the end of "The Big Bang Theory," proving she is more than just a comedy actress. While Cuoco has had more success on TV than in films, her latest movie, "Role Play," received mixed reviews. However, it is not her lowest-rated film.

"Role Play" received a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and other publications like Metacritic gave it a 38% rating. Despite these low scores, Cuoco's 2014 film "Authors Anonymous," which she starred in alongside Chris Klein, received an even worse rating of 8%.

Cuoco had a great time shooting "Role Play" despite the mixed reviews, but there was some stress behind the scenes. She found out she was pregnant during filming and had to hide it from the cast and crew. Cuoco wanted to do action scenes but didn't want them to be taken away due to her pregnancy.


Her co-star, David Oyelowo, noticed some clues and eventually Cuoco told him about her pregnancy. This caused him to lose focus during a scene.

Cuoco's participation in an indie film called "Burning Bodhi," which got a 38% approval rating, also had a negative effect. The show's creator, Chuck Lorre, feared that the show's ratings would drop due to Cuoco's new look in the film.

Cuoco didn't inform "The Big Bang Theory" about her haircut for the indie film. Lorre expressed his concern, but in the end, the show's ratings remained stable.


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