Michael Weatherly REVEALS Why He REALLY Quit NCIS..


In a recent interview, actor Michael Weatherly discussed the real reason behind his departure from the hit TV show "NCIS." Contrary to previous speculations, Weatherly clarified that his decision was not driven by a desire to pursue other projects or to move on from the show.

According to Weatherly, his departure from "NCIS" was primarily influenced by the arrival of a new showrunner. He explained that the change in leadership brought about a shift in the show's dynamic, which he found challenging to adapt to.


The actor expressed his struggles with the new direction and admitted that it affected his creative satisfaction.

Weatherly also mentioned that the decision was not an easy one for him to make, as he had a deep connection with the role he had been playing for 13 seasons. However, he felt that it was time for him to move forward and explore new opportunities.

Despite leaving "NCIS," Weatherly remains grateful for the experience and the relationships he built with the cast and crew. He expressed his admiration for his former co-star Mark Harmon and the rest of the team, highlighting the supportive and collaborative environment they had created on set.

Weatherly's departure from "NCIS" has not hindered his success as an actor, as he went on to star in the legal drama series "Bull." He continues to thrive in his career and appreciates the lessons and growth he gained from his time on "NCIS."


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