What Is Mia Talerico From 'Good Luck Charlie' Doing Now?

Disney has a habit of churning out tons of child stars and pushing them through what seems like a machine of sitcom to singing superstar to self-titled film. But it's not just the likes of dance star JoJo Siwa or mega-celeb Selena Gomez that have come out of Disney.

There's another younger generation of Disney kid coming up, and not all of them are following the same path. Case in point? Mia Talerico, Charlie from 'Good Luck Charlie.'

While her big sister Teddy (AKA Bridgit Mendler) was the narrator of sorts on 'Good Luck Charlie,' Mia Talerico definitely developed a following.

When she started the show, Mia was only a baby, and she continued on the series until she was four. Unfortunately, right before the series ended, Mia's mom, who managed the minor's Instagram account, received scary messages from a follower.

After that, it seemed that Mia's parents planned to slow down her public appearances and change how her career was managed. Fortunately, fans get to catch up with now-teen Mia as she embarks on other projects, and hopefully without a side of creepy stalkerism.

Is Mia Talerico Still Acting?

The good news is that Mia Talerico is still acting -- and it's good for her because she's clearly talented, while it's good for fans because they've missed seeing her as Charlie.

After 'Good Luck Charlie,' Mia had a couple of short film roles and an appearance on a sitcom. Then, she joined the cast of the show 'Mani' in 2018, per IMDb.

Mia appears on the series with Piper Rockelle and other younger up-and-coming stars.

What Movies Has Mia Talerico Been In?

So far, Mia Talerico has only appeared in the 'Good Luck Charlie' movie, but it's possible that following her series debut in 'Mani' that Mia will find other projects to work on.

For now, she seems very focused on the series 'Mani,' which was just renewed for a sixth season in fall of 2021.

Does Mia Talerico Have TikTok?

Despite that years ago scare on social media, it seems that Mia Talerico is pretty comfortable with Instagram, TikTok, and other social platforms these days.

However, the only TikTok account currently attributed to Mia states that her earlier account was banned. For now, the only video is one of her with her pet guinea pig.

What Is Mia Talerico Doing Now?

Apart from sharing behind-the-scenes snaps from her work on 'Mani,' Mia Talerico also shares insights with her fans on what she's up to now.

While she crochets on set between takes, Mia also seems to enjoy other activities like hiking, surfing, and various outdoors-y pursuits.

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