Young Sheldon Season 7 Risks Repeating TBBT Finale's Biggest Mistake

Young Sheldon, the prequel spin-off of The Big Bang Theory, has established its own identity separate from its parent series. However, there are concerns that Young Sheldon season 7 may repeat the same mistake as The Big Bang Theory's final season. The show's appeal lies in its focus on the Cooper family, rather than just Sheldon. While it has diversified its storytelling, the show is still bound by The Big Bang Theory canon, which means it may be looking to end with season 7. This approach risks a rushed ending, similar to what happened with The Big Bang Theory.

The decision to set up Young Sheldon's end towards the latter half of season 7 could result in an unsatisfying finale, as it did for The Big Bang Theory. The rush to conclude the storyline after Jim Parsons decided to leave the show led to unearned moments and loose plot lines. Before Young Sheldon concludes, there are several plot lines that still need to be addressed, such as George's cheating storyline and his eventual death. However, cramming these dark and heavy themes into a few months may not work well for a comedy series.

On a more positive note, it would be important for the show to offer a satisfying payoff to Mandy and Georgie's romance and leave them on a happy note. Additionally, setting up Sheldon's eventual move to Pasadena after graduating from college at East Texas Tech will solidify the narrative ties between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory.

If the show continues beyond season 7, there is a way to do so without jeopardizing the continuity of The Big Bang Theory. By focusing on the rest of the Cooper family, particularly Georgie and Missy, Young Sheldon can transition into a full ensemble comedy called "The Coopers." This would allow for the exploration of their personal story arcs that couldn't be fully developed within the confines of Young Sheldon. For example, Missy's rebellious plot could be further fleshed out, and Georgie's future as a successful businessman and father could be explored. This approach would keep the show fresh while maintaining its connection to The Big Bang Theory.

In conclusion, there is a risk that Young Sheldon season 7 may repeat the same mistake as The Big Bang Theory's final season. However, by properly addressing ongoing storylines and transitioning into an ensemble comedy focused on the Cooper family, the show can continue beyond season 7 without tarnishing its parent series' continuity.

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