Brian Dietzen's Burning Desire: Why He Longs to Pen the Stories of These Departed 'NCIS' Characters!

Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, has proven his talent in more ways than one. Besides his acting skills, Dietzen has showcased his writing abilities by co-writing two episodes of the show with Scott Williams. And it seems he's not done yet, as he hasn't ruled out the possibility of adding a third episode to his writing repertoire.

When asked about his writing aspirations, Dietzen expressed his admiration for several iconic NCIS characters who have made their mark on the show over the years. He specifically mentioned Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, and Abby, highlighting their unique voices and contributions to the series. If any of these characters were to return to the show, Dietzen would be thrilled to have the opportunity to write for them.

However, Dietzen couldn't narrow it down to just one character because each of them holds a special place in his heart. He mentioned the humor and heart of gold that Tony possesses, the infectious energy and big-heartedness of Abby, and the emotional depth that Gibbs brings to the show. Working with any of these actors again would be a dream come true for Dietzen.

Despite his desire to see these familiar faces back on the show, Dietzen acknowledged that bringing them all back at once would drastically change the dynamics of the show. NCIS has seen a shift in its team and family structure over the years, so it would most likely be one character returning at a time, rather than everyone simultaneously.

Dietzen reflected on the close relationship between Jimmy and Tony, noting the special bond they shared, even when it was secretive. He remembered how Tony would seek advice from Jimmy in the autopsy room, showcasing their unique connection.

While it remains uncertain whether these past characters will make a comeback, Dietzen assured fans that they have not been forgotten. He hinted that the show has dropped hints and breadcrumbs, indicating that the characters still maintain some form of connection with the current team. The mention of Tony, Abby's Lab for Dummies book, and other subtle references serve as reminders of their presence.

With NCIS reaching its milestone 450th episode and showing no signs of slowing down, fans can expect more surprises and exciting developments in the future. Whether it's through writing or acting, Dietzen remains a vital part of the show's success and continues to impress viewers with his versatility.

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