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NCIS: Los Angeles Two-Part Series Finale Story Details Revealed

' two-part finale reveals new story details. After airing 322 episodes, will end soon with current season 14, which quietly became one of the longest-running primetime scripted series for CBS. The decision to end LA offshootwas reportedly financially-motivated, given the program's significant price tag, but the news was delivered with enough time to allow showrunner R. Scott Gemmill the opportunity to craft a satisfying ending.

According to a press release, will be presented in two parts. The first half, titled "New Beginnings," will see what happens when the team investigates a missing ATF agent. It will air Sunday, March 14, on CBS and will be available live and on-demand via Paramount+. The second half, "New Beginnings, Part Two," will debut Sunday, March 21. It will also be available on CBS and Paramount+, continuing the search for the missing ATF agent. After the episode, there will be a celebration of the show, . Kevin Frazier will host it on both CBS and Paramount+.

More Details About The NCIS: Los Angeles Finale

In addition to the search for the vanished ATF agent, part one will see the team investigate stolen military-level weapons as they attempt to locate the person that's gone missing. On a more personal level, Callen (O'Donnell) and Anna (Bar Paly) continue to plan their wedding. Rountree's sister interviews for medical school, while Sam (LL Cool J) encourages his father to take part in a drug test.

In the finale part two, it's revealed that Anna and Callen will decide on an impromptu wedding. The occasion will likely be an emotional time for the characters and a chance for the show, more broadly, to take a victory lap and reminisce about some of its most memorable scenes. It looks to be a priority for the show to leave Callen and Sam in a good place. Although looking at the history of CBS, there's reason to be hopeful that it won't be a .

is the fifth longest-running scripted primetime series for the network, coming in just behind and. Among those, the two more recent titles — and — have both received revivals. It could be the case that, in another five years or so, Callen and Sam will reunite as well.


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