Young Sheldon Shows The True Tragedy Of Penny &Leonard's Big Bang Theory Story.....


The article discusses how the character Missy in Young Sheldon sheds light on the shortcomings of Penny and Leonard's romance in The Big Bang Theory. It highlights how Young Sheldon gave Missy her own narrative, unlike The Big Bang Theory, which sidelined her character. The author compares Missy's attempts to run away and her parents' response to how Penny and Leonard handled Sheldon's similar situation in The Big Bang Theory. They argue that Penny and Leonard showed better parenting skills by trying to understand Sheldon's perspective and offering support.

The article also expresses disappointment that The Big Bang Theory never fully explored Leonard and Penny as parents. It mentions how the show rushed their storyline by revealing their pregnancy without showing them in a family setting. The author suggests that the dynamic between Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory prepared the couple for parenthood, as they learned to handle childish behavior and consider the impact of their relationship on others.


Furthermore, the article criticizes The Big Bang Theory for neglecting Penny and Leonard's story after their marriage. It states that the show focused more on other characters' relationships, particularly Sheldon and Amy's, relegating Leonard and Penny to side characters. The final season attempted to rectify this by bringing their relationship back to the forefront but failed to deliver a satisfying arc.

The author proposes that Young Sheldon has the opportunity to fix the shortcomings of Penny and Leonard's story. They suggest that the show could provide updates on the Hofstadters through Sheldon's narration or even bring Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco for voice cameos. This would allow CBS to address the unresolved issues from The Big Bang Theory and give closure to Penny and Leonard's storyline.

Overall, the article emphasizes how Young Sheldon's treatment of Missy highlights the flaws in Penny and Leonard's story in The Big Bang Theory and suggests ways in which the spin-off could address and rectify those shortcomings.


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