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George’s Biggest Young Sheldon Season 6 Blessing Is Bad News For Mary?

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6.

George's biggest blessing on season 6 is actually bad news for Mary. Sheldon's parents have dealt with a rocky patch in the last couple of years. In season 5, the pair almost had their respective affairs with Brenda Sparks and Pastor Rob. To make matters worse, Georgie's unexpected pregnancy news resulted in more problems for the family including the couple losing both of their full-time jobs. Luckily, however, things are finally settling back to normal in their household on season 6, with George even getting the best news he's had in quite a while.

George finally reclaims his spot as Medford High School's football coach. While this may seem like a big win for the Cooper family as a whole as this means that they don’t have to worry about their finances, there's an actual downside to this. George and Mary have been getting along really well in. Because he doesn't have to work long hours, and she is more relaxed after leaving church, it has been easier for them to spend more time with each other. George getting his old job back, however, could disrupt their routine, causing them to fall back into their old toxic patterns, putting the family at risk.

George & Mary’s Happy Young Sheldon Marriage Is A Lie

While it seems like George and Mary's relationship is on the mend, there are still dark days ahead for their marriage. As revealed on , George's affair is imminent in the prequel. It's still uncertain how will handle this dark storyline. For years, the family comedy has been , but as it moves up the timeline, it has no choice but to set it up sooner rather than later. This means that eventually, George and Mary's marriage will crumble, and it won't just be because he gets his old job back. The pair's fate has long been pre-determined, the only thing that CBS is waiting to divulge are the specifics of their future.

What The Big Bang Theory Revealed About George & Mary’s Relationship

Like Sheldon, Mary tended to rag on George on She rarely had anything good to say about her husband even though he had been dead for years already when the nerd-centric sitcom began. This suggests that Mary harbors a deep and big grudge against her husband, although it's unclear whether it mainly stems from his extra-marital affair. During , he did say on the heels of George's death, Mary became too grief-stricken to function, proving that she still had love for him in his time of death.

Whatever the case may be, the expectation is that the Cooper parents' marriage will deteriorate soon on prequel. Despite what it seems like, 's George and Mary's marriage fix is a lie; the pair's blissful time isn't going to last very long. Given this, it's best that CBS takes advantage of this period to lean on their relationship before it ultimately crumbles.

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