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OUCH! The Big Bang Theory Creators Revealed Sheldon And Bernadette Would Have Turned Into Rivals If The Show Continued During The Pandemic!

It is truly unfortunate that We can't even imagine all the storylines to take place if continued, featuring Sheldon during the pandemic.

when Parsons was sick for their kiss. We can imagine this moment as an actual scene on the show had it continued in the midst of the pandemic!

As we'll reveal in the following, the creators are content with the way the series wrapped up. However, they can't help but imagine what things might've looked like had they continued on. According to Bill Prady, things might've got heated between Bernadette and Sheldon.

We'll explain why, while also revealing what Jim Parsons thinks Sheldon would be like during the pandemic.

Bill Prady And Chuck Lorre Agreed, The Big Bang Theory Ended In The Perfect Way

Although fans would've loved to have seen continue during the pandemic, given all the potential storylines involving Sheldon, the showrunners admitted that the series ended on the perfect note. They are content with the way things ended.

Bill Prady, co-creator of the show discussed the finale,

"I know that people do get characters together for reunions and things like that, but it's hard to imagine what you would see after the finale because I found the finale was one of the most beautiful and satisfying episodes."

"The closure it brought was astonishing. It's hard to imagine reopening the story after that."

Speaking with , co-creator Chuck Lorre agreed with this point of view, "I agree, I don't think we left anything undone. That was as close to a perfect finale as we could have ever dreamt of doing. I loved it."

However, there is no denying that a pandemic involving Sheldon would be must-see television. The creators agreed, and even had storylines in mind.

Bill Prady Suggests Trouble Would Have Taken Place Between Amy And Sheldon If The Show Continued During The Pandemic

Lorre admitted, Sheldon would have been a perfect candidate for the pandemic, "Sheldon would have loved the pandemic. Being able to stay at home and not deal with the world? He would have thought it was perfect."

Prady would also admit that given Sheldon's knowledge for germs, the others would have no choice but to listen to his advice.

"He would have loved it because people would have had to listen to him because he's a person who knows about germs… and all of the sudden, the focus of the entire world is on people who know things like that."

However, Bill Prady believes a certain clash would have taken place, given that Bernadette is a microbiologist.

"Also, Bernadette [Melissa Rauch] is a microbiologist and works with people who probably know things, so I can imagine she and Sheldon would probably argue about that. I can already hear her scream, "Don't tell me about my job!"

It would have made for quite the season, seeing Sheldon with so much power, given the circumstances. Even Jim Parsons himself agrees, Sheldon would've thrived.

Jim Parsons Said Sheldon Would Have Thrived In The Pandemic

During his appearance on , Parsons agreed with the fans,

"He was built for this. This is the moment he was waiting for."

Parsons would also relate Sheldon's behavior during the pandemic, to a past episode of the show, which showed Sheldon's side of being a germ-freak.

"I was saying earlier, we had an entire episode – which I didn't think about until recently – where he did like a Shel-bot where he had like a video screen on a remote-control wheelie thing. And that was when people still needed to get together in groups, and so he would just send that out and sit in his room."

"Don't touch me, don't sneeze on me.’ And so, I guess, he'd be fine."

If were ever to get a reboot down the road, here's to hoping they at least feature one episode on Sheldon's behavior during the pandemic. That would truly be must-watch television.

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