Top 8 Must-Haves for a Sizzling Tiva Comeback on 'NCIS'

2023 might just be the year that NCIS fans have been eagerly waiting for. Michael Weatherly, who played Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the CBS drama, recently teased the possibility of a big moment in a tweet. When a fan expressed their desire to see Tony and Ziva reuniting, Weatherly responded by saying, "This might be an interesting year for such ‘moments.'"

Executive producer Steven D. Binder also expressed his interest in bringing Weatherly back to the show. In a previous interview, Binder mentioned that he would love to see Tony return, but it would depend on Weatherly's availability since he was busy with his own show, Bull. Binder also revealed that Weatherly was taking some time off to rest after working on NCIS and Bull back-to-back, especially during the COVID pandemic.

In the Season 13 finale, Tony discovered that he and Ziva (played by Cote de Pablo) had a daughter. Ziva returned in Season 16 and reunited with Tony in the Season 17 finale. Since then, they've been living together in Paris with their daughter, Tali. However, fans have only heard about their life together and haven't seen it onscreen.

If Tony and Ziva do make a return, there are several things that fans would love to see. First and foremost, fans want to see Tony and Ziva as a couple onscreen. Their relationship, known as "Tiva," had been teased for a long time before Ziva left as a series regular. It would be a dream come true for fans to finally witness their romance.

Additionally, fans would like an update on Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. Gibbs stayed behind in Alaska in Season 19, and it would be nice to hear about him from Tony and Ziva, as they worked with him from the beginning of the series. Fans believe that it's unlikely that Tony and Ziva haven't had any contact with Gibbs since his departure.

Furthermore, fans would love to see Tony, Ziva, and Tali together onscreen. Although the show has mentioned their life as a family, it would be wonderful to witness their dynamic firsthand. Fans also want to see Tony and Ziva working a case with the team and getting involved in solving crimes like they used to.

There's also the potential for some fun conflict between Tony and Torres, as well as a rematch between Ziva and Torres. Fans want to see how the two characters interact and resolve any conflicts that arise.

Fans are also curious about Tony and Ziva's life in Paris. They want to know what they've been up to, their jobs, and if they have any weekly date nights. It would be heartwarming to hear about the little things that Tony and Ziva didn't get to experience when they worked for NCIS in D.C.

Finally, fans would appreciate some callbacks to old episodes. They want to hear about the time Tony and Ziva went undercover or see their reactions to memorable moments from past seasons. While fans don't expect references in every scene, a few nostalgic nods to the show's history would be greatly appreciated.

Overall, 2023 might just be the year that NCIS fans finally get the big moment they've been waiting for. If Tony and Ziva return to the show, fans hope to see them as a couple onscreen, learn about their life in Paris, witness their interactions with the team, and relive some of the show's iconic moments.

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