Gibbs Drops a Bombshell, Unexpected Ally Emerges & Hilarious NCIS Crossover Moments

The three-hour crossover event of NCIS, Hawai'i, and Los Angeles was not only a major success, but it was also incredibly entertaining. The case that brought all the agents together was engaging and made sense for the teams to collaborate on. Throughout the crossover, we got to see some fantastic team-ups and witness the characters' relationships develop.

The case began in Washington DC, where agents from all over flew in for a retired FLETC professor's party. However, the professor was found dead, and agents from NCIS, Hawai'i, and LA joined forces to investigate. The investigation led them to Hawaii, where Tennant, Palmer, and Sam were kidnapped. It was revealed that the hitman they were after, Simon Williams, was part of a CIA assassination program. The case then took them to Los Angeles, where they discovered that Kilbride, who was missing, was also involved in the program. Eventually, they managed to rescue Rountree, with Kilbride revealing himself in the process.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the crossover was the numerous references to NCIS character Gibbs. It was clear that everyone knew Gibbs and had connections to him. From mentioning his Alaska trip to speculating if he would show up at the party, the characters showed their familiarity with him. They even visited his cabin and used his fireplaces to find a hidden flash drive.

The crossover also gave us some enjoyable team-ups. McGee reunited with Sam and Callen, leading to some fun banter and reminiscing about past events. The interrogation scene between Sam, Callen, and McGee was particularly entertaining, with McGee pointing out their own shortcomings. Torres and Tennant also had a warm reunion, raising questions about their relationship status.

There were also hilarious moments, like Ernie still caring about what Knight thinks of him and Parker making himself at home in Hawai'i. The interaction between Deeks and Torres was amusing, with their different personalities clashing.

Hetty's surprise involvement was a welcome addition to the crossover. Her encrypted email and anonymous text provided valuable information to the teams, pointing them in the right direction. The characters acknowledged the mystery surrounding Hetty, with some even suggesting she might be a witch.

As the crossover came to a close, we had to say goodbye to the visiting agents from Hawai'i and LA. Callen proposed the idea of doing future crossovers, but Tennant and Torres turned him down. However, we can't help but hope that they reconsider, as it would be fantastic to see these teams collaborate again.

In conclusion, the three-hour NCIS crossover event was a major success and provided pure entertainment. The case was engaging, and the team-ups were enjoyable to watch. The references to Gibbs, Hetty's surprise involvement, and the comedic moments added to the overall fun. Although we had to say goodbye to the visiting agents, we hope that future crossovers will be considered.

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