Missy Predicts Sad Fate Of George & Mary In Young Sheldon Season 6 Clip

A brand-new clip for the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale reveals Missy predicting the sad fate of George and Mary. Sheldon's twin sister grew in popularity in the prequel despite barely appearing on The Big Bang Theory. Aside from her natural charm and quick wit, Missy has also proven that she is the backbone of the Coopers as she provided emotional support to her family who were struggling in season 5. In Young Sheldon season 6, however, things are starting to get back to normal for them, allowing Missy to return to her sassy and funny self.

Not one to keep her opinions to herself, a new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 8 clip (via SpoilerTV) shows Missy trying to predict what will happen to George and Mary. As the couple discusses getting a lawyer, their only daughter guesses that it's for her parents' supposed divorce. It isn't the case, but considering their rocky marriage, it's understandable that Missy would have that idea. Watch the video below:

Will Mary & George Get Divorced On Young Sheldon?

It's no secret that George and Mary have had a tumultuous relationship. For years, the couple has done nothing but bicker and argue about a lot of things. That changed when Mary left the church — the true villain of Young Sheldon and became a more fun version of herself. In season 6, the pair's marriage has never been better. They have rekindled their romance with each other, so it's interesting that Missy would be anticipating that a divorce is heading her parents' way. If anything, seeing their relationship going well should convince her that things are going well for George and Mary.

The Big Bang Theory never said if George and Mary will ever separate. By the time the Cooper patriarch died, Mary was still involved in his life. Just because they won't get divorced doesn't mean that things will continue to be peaceful between them. In fact, Young Sheldon's Mary and George's marriage fix is a lie. Sheldon's dad will eventually have an affair with an unknown woman. Meanwhile, Mary's grudge against her husband will continue to get worse. Even after years removed from his death, the Cooper matriarch was still relentless in criticizing George on The Big Bang Theory — an indication that they will eventually have a falling out.

The question now is when their next conflict will happen. At this point, CBS has been keeping their marriage rather blissful. Despite some bickering and arguments, Mary and George still haven't had another major conflict. But as Young Sheldon moves up The Big Bang Theory timeline, CBS no longer has a choice but to progress its storytelling leading to George's cheating scandal and eventual death.

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