Young Sheldon Makes Missy Even More Like TBBT's Penny

Missy became much like The Big Bang Theory's Penny on Young Sheldon season 6.  In the brief time she spent time in Pasadena, she struck a quick friendship with Penny, who fended off the boys from trying to hit on her ruthlessly.

Missy Is Young Sheldon’s Version of Penny

The similarities between Missy and Leonard’s wife may also have something to do with why Sheldon was tolerant of Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

While they're not intellectually gifted like Sheldon, both Penny and Missy are kind, emotionally mature, and nurturing. 

Missy & Penny Would Have Been Great Friends On Big Bang Theory

Seeing how interesting her character is on Young Sheldon, it would have been better if she visited Pasadena more, or even permanently moved in with her brother. This way, CBS could have developed her friendship with Penny. 

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