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Escape Room 2 Trailer (2020) - Taylor Russell Movie | FANMADE HD

The article discusses the newly released fan-made trailer for the upcoming movie "Escape Room 2" starring Taylor Russell. The trailer, created by a dedicated fan, showcases intense and thrilling scenes that fans can expect from the film, despite it not being an official teaser or trailer. The fan-made trailer has garnered a lot of attention and praise from fans, who are eagerly anticipating the release of the actual movie.

The article highlights that "Escape Room 2" is a sequel to the successful 2019 movie "Escape Room," which followed a group of strangers who are lured into a deadly game of survival in an elaborate escape room. The sequel is expected to continue the suspenseful and thrilling storyline, with Taylor Russell reprising her role as Zoey Davis.


The fan-made trailer features snippets of intense action sequences, dramatic moments, and eerie settings, capturing the essence of the original film. It showcases the characters facing life-threatening challenges and attempting to solve intricate puzzles in order to escape. The visuals and editing of the fan-made trailer help to create a sense of excitement and anticipation for viewers.

While the trailer is not officially affiliated with the movie studio or production team, it reflects the enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding the release of "Escape Room 2." Fans of the first movie are eager to see the continuation of the story and the dangerous and thrilling escape rooms that await the characters. Despite the fan-made nature of the trailer, it has successfully generated buzz and excitement, building anticipation for the official release of "Escape Room 2.”


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