Pillars of Success: The Brightest Achievements by the Big Bang Theory Cast Post-Show

Johnny Galecki, known for his role as Leonard in "The Big Bang Theory," has taken a step back from acting since the show ended. However, he can still be seen occasionally reprising his role as David Healy in the spinoff "The Conners." Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny in "The Big Bang Theory," has had a successful post-show career, with standout roles in projects like "The Flight Attendant." Jim Parsons, who portrayed Sheldon, has been able to take on queer roles, such as in the film adaptation of the musical "The Boys in the Band." Simon Helberg, known as Raj, has impressed in recurring roles, like the FBI agent Luca in "Russian Doll." Kunal Nayyar, who played Raj, showcased his range in the role of Sandeep Singh in a procedural drama. Mayim Bialik, who portrayed Amy, has found success in the sitcom "Call Me Kat." Melissa Rauch, who played Bernadette, has taken on the legacy character of Judge Abby Stone in the revival of "Night Court."

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