Amazon & Lionsgate Strike UK Content Deal


Amazon and Lionsgate: The Latest Content Collaboration

Exciting News for UK Viewers: Lionsgate and Starz Content Coming to MGM+

The Rise of MGM+ as a Global Streaming Powerhouse

Behind the Scenes: How the Lionsgate-MGM+ Deal Came to Fruition

Amazon and Lionsgate have recently announced a groundbreaking partnership, bringing a myriad of Lionsgate and Starz content to Amazon's streaming service, MGM+. This collaboration marks the third in a series of recent deals between Lionsgate and MGM+ for Europe and Latin America, promising viewers in the UK a wide array of acclaimed shows like Outlander, Power Book, and The Serpent Queen.


Subscribers of Lionsgate+ who have signed up via Prime Video Channels in the UK will gain access to the MGM service starting in April, with a rebrand to MGM+ scheduled for May to align with the latest changes in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

Josh McIvor, Global General Manager of MGM+, expressed Amazon's dedication to expanding the MGM+ channel internationally and enriching the content available to subscribers. This move solidifies Amazon's commitment to investing in the growth of MGM+ in the UK and beyond. Meanwhile, MGM+ International Head Michael Katzer highlighted the addition of top-tier TV franchises like Outlander and Power, along with blockbuster movies, as a significant step in MGM+'s evolution into a premium international streaming service.


At the recent Content London event, MGM+ executives shared their international strategy, emphasizing a tailored approach to global expansion that takes into account the unique preferences and demands of each country. This nuanced strategy reflects a commitment to adapting and customizing content offerings to meet the diverse needs of viewers worldwide. Behind the scenes, negotiations for the deal were spearheaded by Chase Brisbin and Kathryn Ikenberry Jones on behalf of Lionsgate, underscoring the collaborative effort that went into making this groundbreaking partnership a reality.


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