Young Sheldon S6 Theory Suggests Paige’s Dark TBBT Ending With Missy...

Young Sheldon Images Shows Paige With Missy After She Ran Away From Home

While she called them out on this in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 15, “Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame,” the Cooper parents did nothing to resolve the situation. This further frustrated Missy, resulting in her running away from home (again) by stealing her dad’s truck. 

Young Sheldon Theory Suggests Paige & Missy Get Into A Car Crash

she has just started to learn how to drive; but doesn’t have a license yet. If Paige ends up accompanying Missy throughout the night, they could end up driving somewhere else, as hinted by the map that they are looking at the photos. Considering Missy’s driving capabilities, they could be involved in a car accident that ends up claiming Paige’s life.

The Loss Of Paige Would Have Been Too Dark For The Big Bang Theory

Paige’s potential death in could be the tragedy that shakes Missy out of this funk. 

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