NCIS Recap: Jimmy Palmer Faces Off Against His Arch-Nemesis
Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) has a terrible day after his van breaks down and he learns that the forensic pathologist Miles Bauer (James Snyder) will be joining the case. The victim is Amanda Grayson, the daughter of a U.S. senator who insists on being involved in the investigation. Amanda had a troubled past and was about to be discharged from the Navy due to her Curiocam account, which is similar to OnlyFans. As the team investigates, they suspect Arthur Vernon, who had an Amanda shrine in his closet and her scarf in his bed. However, Palmer discovers evidence that the time of death is wrong, and Vernon is released. Later, another body is found, and the team suspects someone is framing Vernon. They eventually discover that Chief of Staff Pritchard killed Amanda and tried to frame Vernon while using Bauer as a pawn. Meanwhile, Palmer struggles with jealousy towards Bauer, but learns to appreciate his work family at NCIS.

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