'NCIS: LA' Boss Reveals What Finale Could've Looked Like (Hetty!)
After 14 seasons, NCIS: Los Angeles said goodbye with a series finale that looked towards the future. The episode saw Callen and Anna getting married at city hall, while Kensi and Deeks found out she was pregnant. A letter from "Hetty" lured Callen and Sam to Morocco, where Nell was waiting with her team to rescue Hetty. Executive producer R. Scott Gemmill explained that the decision to have Callen get married was because of the character's growth throughout the series, and that they had given up on revealing his first name. If the show had been renewed, Gemmill suggested that many things would have been different. Regarding the rescue mission for Hetty, it was based on Linda Hunt's availability. Gemmill also talked about crafting emotional scenes, such as Kensi telling Deeks she's pregnant, and how he hoped the show would be remembered as an entertaining hour of television that made people laugh and forget their troubles.

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