NCIS' Wilmer Valderrama Teases Deep Cut That '70s Show Easter Eggs


star Wilmer Valderrama teases references to his role in an upcoming episode. The actor portrays NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres, a character that's a far cry from his breakout performance as Fez. Valderrama recently reprised the performance as a recurring guest in the spinoff , but that won't be the only time Fez is a factor in Valderrama's on-screen presence this year.

As the actor reveals to , an upcoming episode of will include . Valderrama is asked by an viewer whether he'd pay homage to his past, and if it would be possible to hear Torres speaking in Fez's accent. In response, he admits he included some nods to the sitcom character in this latest season:


I can tell you there are a few little Easter eggs this season where I did an homage to a dream sequence from That ’70s Show. So the answer is yes! You will have to dig, but you will find it!

What's Fez Doing In That '90s Show?

Fez appears in three episodes of season 1, which streams on Netflix, and it's revealed he's a successful businessman and a bit of a local celebrity. But despite his popular status, he carries some heartache. In his first full appearance on the spinoff, he tells Kitty about what happened between him and Jackie and how she ended up back together with Kelso. Still, even with the


, Valderrama's character bounces back nicely.

He gets to steal a few scenes with Sherri, a new addition to the cast played by Andrea Anders, though their relationship is not the healthiest. While it's played for laughs, as a bit of a secondary plot away from the main teenage group, they seem to make each other happy. season 2 has already been ordered by Netflix, which means there's a chance that more could be revealed about Fez's life.

But for the time being at least, enthusiasts may have to brush up on their history and keep their eyes peeled for any references in upcoming . The procedural is often a little more serious in its tone, so it'll be interesting to see how the homage works out in practice.



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